We had the pleasure of working with Bill Lindeman during the development of our ASC. He made several trips to Pennsylvania during the process, in which he advised on site location, designed the facility, and worked with the architect to ensure that everything was in order.  Bill made several trips to our location during construction and found several errors that would have resulted in deficiencies and a delay in completion of the facility if the errors had not been noticed. He was invaluable to us. He helped us get the building completed in a reasonable time frame and saved the physicians money by ensuring that the proper floors, sinks, ceilings, etc. were installed.

Bill is much respected in the ASC community. When we have a survey of any type, AAAHC or State survey, the surveyors always comment on the well-designed facility, and cannot find any deficiencies. We thought Bill was so helpful and knowledgeable that when we considered building another ASC, the first call we made was to Bill!

Vivian Wisniewski, RN
Director of Nursing
Harrisburg Interventional Pain Management Center

“He was invaluable to us”