William Lindeman has been a very admired team member in the design and construction of our unique practice model. He is an exceptionally hardworking and dedicated designer with valuable experience in building compliant and productive healthcare facilities.

William Lindeman’s proficiencies in consulting and design were vital for the long-term and sustainable success of the Boston Paincare Center in the Greater Boston Area. Our practice recognizes how his developmental expertise and operational planning has allowed us to grow, flourish, and operate safely and efficiently nearly a decade after our building was first constructed.

I can confirm that William Lindeman not only helped our practice become a profitable facility, but also spent considerable time ensuring a warm and open environment for our clientele, which we still receive compliments on to this day. We would highly recommend him and would confidently choose to work with him again on any future project.

Steven Nathin, MD
Boston PainCare Center

“Valuable experience in building compliant and productive healthcare facilities”