If your facility doesn’t comply with all applicable design, construction, and operational requirements, you probably will not get paid. Even if we don’t design it, our Regulatory Compliance Services will help you make sure your facility complies before you built it, &/or will continue to comply as you use it.

Our expert staff is without equal in terms of a broad-based comprehension of all applicable regulations for health care facility development and operation. Among the services we routinely provide:

  • Physical Environment Risk Assessment: as part of a credentialing/accreditation process, or to evaluate values/costs of a proposed facility acquisition.
    • Assess compliance with State Licensing physical environment (PE) regulations, as applicable.
    • Verify requirements of CMS State Operations Manual Appendix L are addressed.
    • Evaluate compliance with national Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Regulatory Issue Troubleshooting: Regulatory Compliance Studies to identify alternative responses to non-compliance, and/or establish protocol for facilitating continued preservation of regulatory conformance.
    • Determine validity of alleged compliance problems.
    • Propose alternative solutions to non-compliant conditions.
    • Assist in composing “Plan of Correction” documents as required by authorities having jurisdiction.
    • Develop processes to facilitate continued compliance moving forward.
  • Third Party Review of Plans (developed by other designers): Review and assessment of Construction Documents (Architectural and/or Engineering disciplines) or existing facilities for their regulatory compliance and operational/functional effectiveness.
    • Evaluate compliance with architectural aspects of State Licensing and/or Medicare Certification requirements, including proper exiting, construction type and fire protection, spatial provisions, details for required fire/smoke separations, “flow” (processes and adjacencies to support patient care and clean/soiled separation) per industry standards, etc.
    • Assess compliance with “specialty system” requirements for the electrical distribution, the alternate source of power, piped medical gases, humidity control & ventilation of Operating/Procedure Rooms, etc.
    • Interact with Architects and Engineers to facilitate understanding and correction of identified deficiencies.
  • Mock Surveys for compliance with CMS Conditions for Coverage:
    • Confidential & comprehensive scheduled survey for CMS physical environment requirements from ABHR inventory -to- electrical system distribution -to- required documentation of inspection, testing, and maintenance.
    • Facilitate development of options to correct conditions determined to be non-compliant.