logo 2is the expert choice for healthcare facility consulting, with unmatched qualification and capability to tackle almost any physical environment issue. We provide expertise in regulatory compliance, facility planning for peak operational efficiency, and trouble-shooting facility-related problems.

Facility Development Consulting

Our development services employ a four step process orchestrated to maximize the value of the proposed facility, by assuring good early decisions that avoid wasted effort and time for all those involved.

4 Steps for Value

Regulatory Compliance

If your facility doesn’t comply with all applicable design, construction, and operational requirements, you probably will not get paid. Even if we don’t design it, we are here to help you know it complies before you built it &/or will continue to comply as you use it.

Compliance Please

Miscellaneous Consulting

If it relates to a healthcare physical environment, we can demystify and lead you through resolution of compliance problems, and/or operational issues that are holding you back.


Resources & Tools

We’ve been at this a very long time so can answer more questions than you probably have, make you “smarter” than your Architect or Fire Marshal, &/or help you with forms and processes for continuous compliance.

Educate Me