WEL Designs PLC has no financial or business relationship with any vendor, and does not receive any form of incentive or reward for referrals. We also are not in a position to warrant any aspect of their service or product.  That said; the following businesses have provided valuable services and/or equipment to our clients.

Emergency Eye Wash devices


We specify their deck-mounted Eye Wash/Drench Hose unit (G5022 or G5022BP) in all our designs for facilities with potential for staff exposure to harmful/caustic agents (OSHA requirement – see related White Paper).

Piped Medical Gas Systems


This company impresses us for the design and obvious quality of their equipment, and for close attention to regulatory compliance.


Another well-established supplier of piped medical gas system components.

Scrub Sinks

METCRAFT 9111-1 

Sometimes value comes from simplicity. This stainless steel sink’s profile reduces splash and can accommodate the faucet and valves of your choice. Gone are the built-on knee panels and elaborate soap dispensers that cause more trouble than they are worth. Wall mounted and less imposing/institutional than many.


Similar in appearance to Metcraft (above), specifically suited to sensor-operated faucet controls.

Nurse Call Systems


Expeditor has been supporting ambulatory health care about as long as I have, and continue to deliver what we believe is a superior product – one that is custom designed for every setting so its function makes sense, and you are not faced with dozens of dead lights or buttons on every panel like you get with cheaper generic systems.