We’ve been at this a very long time so can answer more questions than you probably have, make you “smarter” than your Architect or Fire Marshal, &/or help you with forms and processes for continuous compliance. If you can’t find something you wish were here, please write us and we will see what we can do quickly and in the long run.


What are we talking about?? OK, we agree the language of facility development and regulation is confusing at its best… so we are here to “enlighten” you.


We take our expertise seriously, and like to teach when someone wants to listen. The obvious extensions of this are our numerous articles published in dozens of periodicals, and more contemporarily in Web venues.


white papers
When we realize some aspect of physical environment regulation is widely misunderstood, and/or of such importance to the ASC industry it should be explained to all, we put an explanation in writing. Most introductory topics are here for public sector consumption, others more specialized and specific are available for a fee.


Some topics are best or most conveniently explained in person; and while we can’t really do that here, we can provide “Webinar-style” presentations. As with White Papers some are complimentary, and others require payment; but all with enhance your understanding of the driving priorities behind regulatory requirements, and render you as expert in the given topic as assuring compliance for your ASC should require.


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